About the Orphan Art Project

It was a hot South African summer day in 2006 as I walked through the shacks of Freedom Park, a squatter camp near Rustenburg, South Africa. I was visiting AIDS patients, bringing them food, water, and prayer. The stench of hopelessness hung over the shacks as the people of Freedom Park struggled with poverty, death, and the sickness they've named "our disease," known to the rest of the world as AIDS.

I was struck by the way that these people struggled to regain their dignity by caring for their tin shacks, cleaning them and painting them vivid colors. It occurred to me that there was a very artistic quality to these shacks made of discarded metal from the nearby mines. The textures and tones of rust and dirt mingled with vivid colors of green, red, and yellow. On that day the vision for the Orphan Art Project was birthed.

In 2009 I brought back pieces of tin from a South African shack and found artists from the Denver area who were interested in turning it into soul-stirring art. Each piece of art is unique in the way that it expresses the hopelessness of the human condition while finding beauty in the God given dignity of each person.

The ultimate vision of the Orphan Art Project is to create a non-profit entity that tears down a shack and builds a proper brick home in its place. The metal will then be turned into art which will be sold and the proceeds will fund the building of a new home, and the cycle will continue.

Our family primarily works with orphans in South Africa. You can learn more about our work there by reading our South Africa Blog. It is our goal to build new homes for orphans living in the village of Phokeng, South Africa. These are children that have lost their parents to AIDS and are now raising themselves and their younger siblings.

If you are interested in getting involved or supporting this cause, please send us an email at JennyLincoln@hotmail.com. Now that we are back in South Africa we need people in the U.S. that are experienced in the art world to help us with the sale and distribution of this art. We need someone who can head up this project, so please let us know if you feel like that is something you would like to take on. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Please browse through the pieces below.

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